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Click on the titled-link to see information about Sanctioning Adults Who Allow Underage Drinking on Property They Control and How the State Law Works Locally.
Wisconsin’s Social Host Law makes it illegal to provide a location for underage drinking which could cost you a $500 or jail time consequence.
An Act to amend 125.07 (1) (a) 3. of the statutes; relating to: the prohibition against adults knowingly permitting or failing to take action to prevent the illegal consumption of alcohol beverages by underage persons.
This is a step-by-step guide for parents that want to start the conversation about underage drinking with their family. This will help prepare parents and assist them in navigating this sensitive topic.
This website offers important information for parents that explains how alcohol impacts the teenage brain.
This website offers prevention programs and education resources to begin conversations about underage drinking.
This website offers some of the most up to date info on trends related to alcohol and its consequences.
From the Wisconsin Department of Health Services you will look at the facts about alcohol use in high school students, the cost of underage drinking in Wisconsin, and some fast facts about alcohol and youth.
If you want more information on alcoholism and possible method of treatment, Arbor Place Inc. is a good starting point. This website provides resources to begin learning about what alcoholism is and provides support as you begin to recover from addiction.
For answers click the title above to be taken to the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue at website page

Alcohol Policies for Retailers

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