Alcohol Resources

Alcohol Facts and Statistics

This website offers some of the most up to date info on trends related to alcohol and its consequences.


State of Wisconsin Laws about Underage Alcohol Questions

This website answers questions regarding the legalities of alcohol consumption and possession for parents and retailers.  This is a great resources for those questions that you always wanted answered about legalities in Wisconsin.


Underage Drinking in Wisconsin – poster

From the Wisconsin Department of Health Services you will look at the facts about alcohol use in high school students, the cost of underage drinking in Wisconsin, and some fast facts about alcohol and youth.


Alcohol Treatment Center

If you want more information on alcoholism and possible method of treatment, Arbor Place Inc. is a good starting point. This website provides resources to begin learning about what alcoholism is and provides support as you begin to recover from addiction.


2016 Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

An updated presentation of data collected by the Department of Health Services and the University of Wisconsin regarding alcohol and other drugs with adults and youth in Wisconsin.  PDF format.