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Our community is more than just statistics to us. We take each generation, each demographic, each individual person into consideration as we set out to create a safe and healthy area. We quickly found that we’re more successful when we have a variety of voices in the conversation. Now, we have Action Teams that help achieve this. Our Action Teams work both individually and collectively to support DCPFY work toward our mission and vision centered around lifting up our county and its residents for decades to come.
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Action Teams that are committed to improving the lives of Dunn County families.

Community Action Team

Our Community Action Team focuses on working to change the local culture that often encourages or promotes underage alcohol use, along with substance use. They support existing policies while also advocating for new policies, ordinances, or laws to be adopted when needed. The Community Action Team also works collaboratively with law enforcement, administrators, and local government to ensure a safe and healthy community.

Parent Action Team

The Parent Action Team is compromised of local parents and caregivers. They plan ongoing prevention efforts that relate to parenting and caregiving needs, and work collaboratively with local professionals to support and expand existing programming or create new programming to address the area's current needs. The team also empowers local parents and caregivers to have conversations encouraging teens to make safe, smart choices.

Youth Action Team

The Youth Action Team provides opportunities for students and youth in Dunn County to collaborate with area leaders and professionals to make the area a safer place for everyone. Teens on this team are the most effective forces in prevention. The youth, with the support of our adult allies, are also able to hone leadership, advocacy, and decision-making skills, all while making a meaningful impact in the local community.

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