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The Dunn County Partnership for Youth (DCPFY) works collaboratively with the county and community to make the area safe, healthy, and welcoming to all. We mindfully develop dynamic programming that addresses the current needs of youth and families in Dunn County.

Our efforts primarily focus on:

ATOD (alcohol, tobacco, and other drug) related issues
Mental health
Youth engagement
Emerging concerns

We use our collective energy, experience, and influence to address ATOD-related problems in our county. Alongside our partners and action teams, we develop strategies for each stage of substance use: prevention, intervention, treatment, aftercare, and law enforcement, but with a particular focus on prevention.

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Community Collaboration

Our ultimate goal is to enact meaningful change in our area, addressing substance use, mental health, and more. To achieve this, we need a wide variety of people and perspectives at the table. Thus, our action teams were born.

We created our action teams to engage three core groups: community members, parents, and youth. Together, we create and execute strategies for change at all levels and ages throughout the community.

We also have memberships available to further support our work and mission.

By cultivating a network of unique voices, DCPFY empowers and mobilizes local residents to effect change in our area.

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Our Action Teams


Community Action Team

A group of local allies that works collaboratively with DCPFY, local professionals, and youth to educate community members and policymakers.

Parent Action Team

A coalition of primary caregivers with the goal of identifying and representing the unique needs of other local parents and caregivers.


Youth Action Team

A band of area teens that represents the voice of the next generation while building leadership, communication, and advocacy skills.

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