Vaping / Tobacco Resources

Click here to visit the 2019 Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavior Survey summary report.




CDC: E-Cigarette Information

Get the facts about electronic cigarettes, their health affects, and the risks of using e-cigarettes.


CDC: E-Cigarette Quick Facts

Quick facts on the risks of e-cigarettes for kids, teens, and young adults.


CDC: Talking to Youth about E-Cigarettes

Learn how to begin the conversation with youth about the risks of e-cigarettes.


Scholastic: The Real Cost of Vaping

Although this resource is targeted towards educators, we all play a role in educating our youth about the dangers of vaping. Anyone can use this tool as a resource to get the facts and begin the conversation about vaping.


Tobacco Prevention and Control Program: E-Cigarette Public Health Advisory

This is a public health advisory issued by Wisconsin Department of Health Services that warns citizens of the risks and incoming data of the harmful effects of e-cigarette use.


High School Snapshot – Youth Tobacco Survey 2018

This is a infographic visualizing the data provided by the Youth Tobacco Survey in 2018 provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.


CDC’s Youth and Tobacco Use 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention gives us a look at preventing tobacco use, statistics of tobacco use, factors of tobacco use, and reducing youth tobacco use.


Adolescents and Tobacco:  Trends

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services presents charts and data about middle and high school students in the U.S. regarding the current trends of tobacco use.


Wisconsin Department of Health Services – Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

This website offers information about what to do, hot topics, and fast facts about tobacco prevention.  It also offer a youth based program to help keep tobacco out of the hands of youth, youth advocacy, tobacco prevention in schools, and information about helping youth people quit smoking.