Small Talks

What are Small Talks?

Small Talks is a Wisconsin Department of Health Services campaign that focuses on helping parents have lots of small conversations with their children about alcohol use.

The Dunn County Partnership for Youth is utilizing this campaign to give resources to the parents and guardians of Dunn County! Our goal is to encourage and empower people to have conversations about alcohol and other drugs early and often.


Why Should I Have Small Talks?

  • Builds Trust
  • Sets Expectations
  • Helps Prevent Underage Drinking (and Other Drug Use)


How Do I Have Small Talks?

  1. Learn about the substance you plan to talk about
    1. Alcohol:
    2. Vaping and Other Tobacco Products:
    3. Marijuana:
    4. Prescription and Over the Counter Medications:
  2. Find a drug-free moment to start the conversation
  3. Be prepared to listen and answer questions (you don’t have to know all the answers!)

Watch the video below to learn some great tips that will help your conversations be effective and judgement free.

Talking Tips

Nervous? That's Normal!

You are not alone! It can be difficult to talk to the young people in our lives about alcohol and other drugs, but guess what! You can’t mess up!

“Having a lot of talks (even do-overs) is the point. Every attempt shows kids you care and are paying attention.”

– Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Resources for Having Difficult Conversations:

Right now is the perfect time to start the conversation about alcohol and other drugs with your family, but we know that this can be a hard and scary subject to approach. Here are some more resources that will help you have an open and loving conversation about this difficult topic.

  1. Family Agreement Form: Avoiding Alcohol 
  2. How to talk to kids about drugs: Age breakdown (Preschool – College)
  3. Extra Resources for talking with kids

All information was taken from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website.


For more resources and information about Small Talks, visit their website at: