Long-Term and Short-Term Action Teams

What are Long-Term Action Teams?

A Long-Term Action Team exists to select and plan ongoing prevention efforts that relate to a specific audience or topic. The team will usually meet on a monthly basis. They also provide guidance and direction to Short-Term Action Teams.

Long-Term Action Teams include the following:


What are Short-Term Action Teams?

As needs/issues arise that align with the DCPFY mission/vision and are identified as a priority by the General Partnership or one of its Action Teams, a Short Team Action Team (STAT) can be convened.

  • STATs will focus on planning and implementing specific projects, programs or events that can be completed within a short time frame (2-6 months.)
  • STATs provide DCPFY members, and others in the community, the opportunity for shorter periods of commitment on an issue or project of interest. (e.g. Dark Side of the Moon Contest for Teens, Conducting YRBS in Dunn County Schools, Candidate Forums.)

What about the Meetings?

General DCPFY Meetings:

  • Will be held quarterly with dates for the upcoming year sent out in January.
  • Will be held from 4-5 PM (or at a time determined via a survey of Active Members.)
  • Will be facilitated by the DCPFY Chair.
  • Meeting minutes will be taken by a prevention staff member from Arbor Place, Inc.
  • Changes to the regular business-meeting schedule will be decided by consensus of Advisory Team.


DCPFY Long-Term Action Teams and Short-Term Action Teams Meetings:

  • Will be scheduled as needed to meet identified goals, tasks and timelines.
  • Will be facilitated by the designated Chair.
  • Meeting minutes will be taken by a Prevention staff member from Arbor Place, Inc.

What is entailed in being a DCPFY Member?

Active Member

  • Is engaged in the planning and implementation of coalition’s efforts.
  • Supports the ongoing process of recruiting new coalition members and community partners.
  • Notifies DCPFY Chair if unable to continue serving as an active member.
  • Attends at least one meeting or DCPFY event every 6 months.