Dark Side of the Moon Award project 2017-2018

The Dunn County Partnership for Youth presented its second annual mental health awareness award ($500+), The Dark Side of the Moon: Shining Light on Mental Health.  This project is dedicated to increasing awareness in our community and decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Students were encouraged to create an art project that would ignite a positive conversation surrounding mental health issues. All high school students who attend a Dunn County school (including virtual and home school students) were eligible to participate.  Possible projects included, but were not limited to:  stories, videos, posters, paintings, skits, speeches, sculptures, origami, poems or songs.

Cassidy Michels, a senior from Menomonie, summited a beautiful dance that was aimed to spark a conversation about mental health while telling people that no matter what, they are not alone. Along with this, she wrote a powerful paper describing her battles with mental health and what inspired her to perform this amazing piece. Becuase of this, Cassidy won this year’s award!

She received $500 and recognition on our billboard for her outstanding work with helping end the stigma surrounding mental health. Congratulations, Cassidy!

2018 Cassidy Michels’ Essay

2018 Cassidy Michels’ Dance