Community Action Team


Work to change the culture, or environment, that encourages or promotes underage alcohol use and high-risk drinking. Supports existing policies and also advocate for new policies, ordinances or laws to be adopted when needed.


  • Work collaboratively with law enforcement, city/county government, school administrators and stakeholders
  • Educate community¬†members and policy makers on local factors that are conducive to perpetuating underage and high-risk drinking


Over the last few years, the Community Action Team has been involved in programs such as age-restriction compliance checks, party patrols, and media advocacy. They were also instrumental in the establishment of a public intoxication ordinance in Menomonie in 2011.

In 2016, CAT started a marijuana billboard campaign that focused on marijuana basics for parents. The team continued to develop an additional three marijuana related campaigns for 2018. Visit our Projects page for more information.


Kathy Asper
Prevention Manager

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