Walk, Run, Roll – Bullying Information

To register for the 2018 Walk, Run, Roll Over Bullying please email Sheli Jo Metzger, Arbor Place Inc. Prevention Coordinator, at [email protected]

Registrations for the event will be accepted until April 19th.  Please include a total number of participants that you are registering for this event.  This is a free event!

Websites to visit for information about Bullying:

stopbullying.gov | The Bully Project  | Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center | American Psychological Association


What is Bullying?

stopbullying.gov | Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center


Do you know the difference between Bullying and Conflict?

Erase Bullying | Verywell Family


In the News:

First Lady to hold a public event about bullying