Dunn County is the safest, healthiest and most caring county in the region.


Develop and maintain collaboration and communication between Dunn County resources that serve youth and families. Efforts will focus on ATOD (alcohol, tobacco and other drug) related issues, parenting, mental health, youth engagement and emerging concerns.


Unofficially forming in 1988 as an advisory group, the Community Advisory Committee provided feedback and guidance on alcohol and other drug (AOD) prevention activities in the community. The committee developed a county-level AOD abuse prevention plan, which focused on pooling resources to conduct county needs assessments, share information, promote collaboration, and coordinate training. In 1993, the group became known as the Drug Free Partnership of Dunn County, and in 1994 it was renamed the Dunn County Partnership for Youth.  Over the years, no matter what it has been called, this group has maintained one important commitment; collaboration.